Unique Approach: Driven by SCA Operating Business Model

The SCA Model is unrivaled in its global scalability, variable cost structure, rapid proof-of-concept and inherent reward mechanisms for increasing optimization and decreasing return volume.

The core objective is to prevent material returns, and optimize the return process to reduce operating costs. Inherently woven into this strategy are optimization drivers that can be easily assimilated into tangential processes, for additional and immediate cost savings.
To accomplish these goals, the SCA team designs strategic improvements within the current infrastructure, and assembles a team of Tier One providers to design and execute customized SCA programs for integration. The SCA team methodically drives to zero returns with the SCA Design, Stabilize, Optimize credo. While pilot programs are rapidly implemented, we take the time to stabilize each stage before the program is released globally. Six Sigma and quantifiable results are required.

Our goal is to deliver compelling, risk-free results for preventing material returns, and minimize the cost impact for those returns that cannot be prevented. Unlike any other organization, SCA assumes the risk for these transactional improvements, requiring no infrastructure investment from technology manufacturers or distributors.