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Creative Computing’s Custom Dashboard Solutions

Higher Education Advanced Dashboard User Portal Solution

Higher education institutions are under tremendous pressure to manage enrollment more efficiently, increase student retention, and increase donor contributions, among other challenges.  While there are numerous decisions to make, the challenge is to access the right data, collect it, integrate it, analyze it and most importantly … share one version of the truth – quickly! But with disparate data sources, millions of student records, lack of institutional standards, and the need for quick insights as core issues, where do you begin? –Read More


Manufacturing Analysis & Reporting Solutions

Creative Computing Inc.’s MARS products are built to provide the foundation for reporting and analysis of the Solarsoft iVP ERP system, and are being mapped to support several of the other major Manufacturing ERPs. The framework has been developed over years of implementations with Solarsoft customers and is maintained for the newest version of the software releases. The framework can be customized to join Solarsoft data to any other data sources, including time & attendance, payroll, HRIS, quality, and forecasting applications.  –Read More


Patient re-Admit List 1.0

On average, patient readmissions cost approximately $10K per patient. In a small hospital where 1000 patients are readmitted per year, this results in 10 million dollars of expense. Hospitals are now penalized for high readmission rates, resulting in reduced Government Insurance Payments. By focusing on preventable readmission causes, hospitals can ensure payment compliance and improve patient outcomes.

CCI’s “Patient Re-Admit List (PAL)”, a Certified IBM Solution, is a visual dashboard that quickly highlights/identifies “High Risk” patients. By identifying the root cause of these readmissions, healthcare professionals can implement a better discharge model to better serve patients and ultimately lower healthcare costs.  –Read More