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Healthcare Analytics

It would be difficult to name an industry which is in a greater state of flux than healthcare.  Regulations, technologies, and even business models are changing rapidly.  In the midst of this dizzying swirl physicians and clinicians are working hard to provide the best healthcare to patients like you and me every day.  Lives are literally on the line as tectonic plates shift beneath the feet of every healthcare professional and institution as they struggle to not just survive in this new emerging world, but to thrive.

The challenges are many and varied, the direction is uncertain, and the path to financial viability is anything but clear.  But one thing is clear.  The understanding, the insight, the raw materials needed to find the answers to so many complicated questions lie in the data.  And the data is everywhere, collected in the operational systems, available from the department of health, published on line, and in volumes which have never been imagined.  In the data lie the answers.

Creative Computing is actively building an Analytics practice specifically focused on the complex needs of the healthcare industry, both payers and providers.  These days the lines between them are blurring and again, the data will help sort out the best paths, the right strategies, and the most effective models to deliver healthcare effectively, efficiently and at a sustainable cost.

No one has all the answers including us.  But we have the analytic and healthcare experience as well as the technical expertise to help blaze the trails for forward looking healthcare organizations.  Our business perspective will also play prominently in helping to craft solutions, deliver systems and uncover new insights which will become the foundations of new and emerging ways of delivering world class healthcare.


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